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Conversely, when the demand is low, the facility becomes idle and inefficient. Management needs to provide optimal care and facilities to serve consumer demand that is varying. In addition, the service must always be optimized so that the satisfaction increases. Additionally, high queue management utility services also affect the performance of employees who may be saturated and there would be a decline in the performance and quality of service of employees. Performance of the queue is also affected by the arrival rate and speed of service. The arrival rate generally cannot be controlled by the land registry office, while improving speed of service is difficult because it is tied with the applicable standard operating procedures. In addition to the high number of applications for land registration services, the number of steps that must be passed also adds to the high risk of the queue and the length of time needed for completion. At a production process (a process which one will support the others as a whole), inefficiencies toward a stage will affect the other stages that queue management software have impact on the resulting output. This will not only disrupt the production process but also the quality of production (astute, ).


It requires a simulation of the production line to optimize the number of service facilities. The purpose of this study is to:. Describe the existing condition of the certificate checking service operations in bogor district land registry office;. Analyze the performance of the queuing system checking service of land titles;. Develop queue repairs needed to improve productivity checks of certificate services in accordance with the level of the request. The study was conducted using a case study approach to service certificate checking bogor district land registry office. This study was conducted to examine the performance of the queuing system for the land certificate checking service improvement that can be done to optimize the performance of services. This effort is expected to increase community satisfaction. Probability that a potential customer waiting to be served.

Of these five measuring tools, system utilization requires some clarification. It reflects the extent of the occupation of servers rather than inactivity. It is logical to think that good management of resources implies a rate utilization. However, as shown in figure., the fact of increasing utilization means increasing both the number of customers expect and average waiting time. In fact, these two measures will increase indefinitely when the utilization approaches. If all servers are occupied, it is certain that potential customers who come will expect. It means that in normal conditions of operation, a utilization rate ofis unrealistic. The manager should instead try to balance the system such that the sum of the service costs and waiting is minimal main models files waiting. Models with infinite population several queuing models are available to managers for their permit the design of production systems of goods or services or represent a real system in order to analyze performance.


In this chapter present the four most used basic models. The goal is not to study exhaustive way the models, but rather to analyze some of them. Everyone assumed that the arrival rate is distributed according to the poisson distribution. We also assume that the studied system is in steady state (stationary, that is in other words, the arrival and service rates are stable. The four models presented are. Single server, exponential service time. Single server, constant service time. Multiple servers, exponential service time. Multiple servers, multiple priority rules, exponential service time. To facilitate the use of models, table. Presents the symbols and terminology used for models with infinite population the basic relationships in queuing models with infinite population, there are some relationships base (between some parameters and performance measures that allow determine the desired performance metrics through a few key values. The main relationships are presented below note the arrival rateand servicemust be expressed in the same measurement unit (clients on time, customers per minute, etc. For these models, system utilization should be less than, because it is obvious that in such cases, they are congested. The average number of customers waiting in lineis the key element queue management software that serves to determine other system performance measures, such as the average number of customers in the system, the average time spent in queue and the average time spent in the system. If you already heard queue management system too often limit internet banking and you still sound strange, know that increasing many people have begun using the system that allows them to make payments through the internet.